Project Schedule Template

The project schedule is developed to indicate the start and finish dates of a project. In simpler words it is a tool that helps to indicate the timeline of the project. Usually the project schedule is made at the planning of the project. It is important aspect of the project management and the scheme for making the project schedule is taught as an important course during the management studies. The project schedule not only indicates the start and finish dates but also indicates the step wise level of the completion of the project so that the basic outline of the project and extent of completion can be predicted at any stage during the project progress.

The project schedule is made with the help of definite steps. At the very initial stages of the development of the project schedule the work break down structure is drawn. The work break down structure is actually the division of the whole project into small tasks and then those tasks contribute separately towards the completion of the whole project. This WBS is going to support for the indicating the resources and the management of the resources and time of that task for the completion.

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Project Schedule Template

The best schedule is that in which all the important dates for each and every important task are mentioned along with the complete details of the time allocated and the resources required and their management. The project schedule is just like a driver that drives the success of your project completion within the given time. The project schedule has many advantages in the favor of your project as;

  • It helps the evaluation, monitoring and controlling the project at any stage of the project cycle.
  • The project schedule helps to allocate the sources for each task and also helps in the management of these resources.
  • It also helps to predict the outcomes or the negative impacts that are going to last on the project in case of any delays from the allocated time
  • The project schedule helps in the project tracking.

The project schedule actually timelines all the activities related to the project and this also tells you the exact need of the project and also helps you to allocate the things which already have been completed and the sequence as well in which the tasks are to be done. It also helps to define the status of the completion of the tasks involved in the project.

It is also important to keep in mind that the project schedule should be monitored regularly and moreover, it should be flexible enough to adjust minor changes in the project scheduling without having the large scale impact on the project completion and success. The regular evaluation of the project schedule is going to update the project status and timeline according to the present stage of the project. This continuous revision of the project schedule is going to help to resolve the minor issues, changes are adjusted and risks are detected and resolved within the minimum time.

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