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Project Schedule Template

The project schedule is developed to indicate the start and finish dates of a project. In simpler words it is a tool that helps to indicate the timeline of the project. Usually the project schedule is made at the planning of the project. It is important aspect of the project management and the scheme for making the project schedule is taught as an important course during the management studies. The project schedule not only indicates the start and finish dates but also indicates the step wise level of the completion of the project so that the basic outline of the project and extent of completion can be predicted at any stage during the project progress.

The project schedule is made with the help of definite steps. At the very initial stages of the development of the project schedule the work break down structure is drawn. The work break down structure is actually the division of the whole project into small tasks and then those tasks contribute separately towards the completion of the whole project. This WBS is going to support for the indicating the resources and the management of the resources and time of that task for the completion. Read more