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Production Shift Schedule Templates

  • July 21, 2017
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A Production Shift Schedule is unavoidable for managers to rely on shift based work schedules in order to increase productivity. Though, in all working environments shifts are common phenomenon but it is more common in production sector where managers usually prefer shifts in order to increase their production and meet the requirements of the market. The purpose of shifts is to ensure 24 hours production in a particular sector and usually shifts are the most ameliorated parts of successful companies. Anyone can use Daily Work Schedule Templates to come up with a productive schedule for their personal or official objectives.

Shift based working schedules are not only beneficial for the employers but at the same time benefit employees. During each shift a same number of employees are required that reducing unemployment in a region. In different companies or work environments the numbers of shifts are different, in a single company there can be two shifts or it can be three or four, however, two and three shift schedules are very common in the production sector.

How to create a Production Shift Schedule?

Numbers of Employees

A manager should first determine the numbers of employees, their skills and abilities for a single shift. This will help the management to pick the required labor force and will also help in determining the number of labors or employees that other shifts will need to run. For a production shift schedule, it is important to list employees with different skills and expertise. Each shift must have a combination of senior and junior employees for a workable balance.

Determine the numbers of hour for each Shift

Every manufacturing company has its own determination for shift hours. Some prefer to have an eight hour shift while some other loves ten to twelve hour shift. Before a determination of shift hours, keep in mind that shifts are rotating in nature and therefore the management should choose hours that can rotate easily. Assign labor force to each shift. For example, if the management of a production department determines 8 hour shift, then it will need to have four teams for working in a single shift. And in 24 hours there will be three rotating shifts. On each shift, there must be a manager, a supervisor and staff with some senior and expert workers as well as some new and junior workers.

Part Time Workers or Workers want to do Overtime

The next step in shift schedules is to fit the part time workers or the workers that want to go to overtime in different shifts. The best technique is to divide the numbers of part time workers and overtime workers into two equal parts. Check for the busy shifts and schedule them in those shifts. This will not only reduce the workload from the workers of those shifts but will also help in the maintenance in quality of products.

Review the Production Shift Schedule and Post it

Once you complete your production schedule, it is good to review it for any possible errors and then take a hard copy of it and post it on the notice board where all your employees can view it easily.

Always remember, a production sector without any scheduling or organizing will result in excessive cost, delay in work, low productivity, dissatisfaction with employers and employees and work related conflicts.

Free Production Shift Schedule Templates

Here are more useful Production Shift Schedule Templates available for free download for your personal or professional needs.

Production Shift Schedule Temlate

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Here is another Production Schedule Template in PDF File format.

production schedule template 2

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Here comes another good looking Production Schedule Template in MS Word Format.

production schedule template 3

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Here is another Schedule Template that can easily be used for Production or Shift Management.


Download Schedule Template created with MS Excel.

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