3 Free Exercise Schedule Templates

Exercise Schedule Template

Allow me to share with you a collection of Exercise Schedule Templates created using MS Word or MS Excel to help our visitors. Usually people merely take out spare time for physical exercise from their routine. Planning an exercise schedule is quite hectic as people are not living in an ideal scenario with good spare time. Although, exercising is something essential for a healthy and fit life, hence you shall  give due importance in your tasks. Here I am sharing some great Exercise Schedule Templates to help anyone in creating his/her own exercise schedule without spending much efforts. You just need to download it from the link below to start working with it.

Types of Exercise Schedule Templates

It is true that you yourself need to spare your time and produce some effective and suitable exercise schedule for yourself. Consider following while preparing a schedule:

  • Cardio – these exercises to be applied for 5 days a week although it may also provide sufficient results if worked for 3 days. Cardio exercises are those enhance your heart rate. For instance, running elliptical machines, stair masters and rowing patterns. Playing sports is also an entertaining Cardio exercise. Such as one play in tennis reduces calories to the level which you do after d kilometer long morning running.
  • Strength Training– strengthening patterns are also very effective, commonly suitable and workable. Which actually enhances the muscle toning and also increase one’s stamina and capabilities. In a perfect scenario, it should be worked out / performed at least three to four days a week to get better results. It also beautifully shapes up the body (looking healthy and strong) besides giving inner strengths and power. It also protects the body getting hurt at once. For example, if a person with a strong back feels badly, he will not get hurt or will mainly get impacts as compare to a layman. Since, he has been involved in proper strength training or stemna boosting.

Hence, this all depends, how idealistic you are allocating time for these exercises and how keen you are towards achieving your desired body strength, shape and stemna. Usually people are trying or opting exercises for the purpose of reducing weight / burning calories. They need to at least perform exercises for at least 5 days a week. While, people are willing to keep stable/maintain their weight level/health status, then they may go for only 3 days a week.

Free Exercise Schedule Templates

Here is preview of Exercise Schedule Template,

Exercise Schedule Template

Download link for this Exercise Schedule Template,


Here is preview of a good looking Fitness Schedule Template for MS Excel.

Fitness Schedule Template

Here is download link for this Fitness Schedule Template in MS Excel format.


Few little efforts can also add value to your exercise schedule. Such as climbing stairs upright and down frequently (if available) besides using elevators for normal usage. Similarly parking your car far from your desired location and having fast and monotonous walk and vacuuming lungs early morning, etc. The core focus should be on making your body familiar with doing exercise on a regular basis. Daily walk, half an hour in the morning and half an hour in the evening can help you reduce your body weight. Hence, quick walk or running while shopping at mall or can have good flair of cardio exercise.

Yet another good looking daily-sports-competition-schedule created using PDF format.

daily sports competition schedule template

Here comes download link for this Daily Sports Competition Schedule in PDF Format.



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